Monday, February 26, 2018

Great Eruption for almost every 30 minutes at Batutara Volcano

Batutara Volcano
This volcano is called "Batutara". 'Batu' is stone and 'Tara' is fire. As you can see at the photo the volcano is throwing fire stones. It is located on the middle of Flores Sea, about 7 hours sail with a  very noisy fishing Boat from Flores mainland. But, its really worth to be there, enjoying great eruptions that will come for almost every 30 minutes. 
Batutara Volcano is located on a small island called Pulau Komba. Estimate high of the volcano from the base sea floor is around 3000 meters. The crater is facing to the east, the wide is around 800 to 900 meters diameter. Vegetation covers the whole island, except the areas nearby the crater. The summit of the volcano reach around 800 meters from the sea level. Batutara volcanic activity is strombolian eruptions at intervals between 15-30 minutes. Big bolder of lava boms sometimes ejected far away reaching the ocean. 
Strombolian eruption
There is no hotel at the island. The beach is not a nice sandy beach, but composed of rough big bolder of lava stone and coral reef. During the high tide, sometime we have to crawl up to some higher places. Landing to the beach is quiet danger for the boat and for the photographic gears, very good waterproof bag is surely recommended. 
Since 2016, the volcanic activity of Batutara was lowering. Until now, no strombolian activity was recorded. We will wait until it on again, and start the Volcano Tour to Batutara.


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