Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Merapi Volcano Incandescent Rock Fall

incandescent rock fall
Merapi Incandescent Rock Fall
The status of the Merapi volcano is now at level II (February 2019).  It is an Alert level. Not recommend for climbing activities except for the purposes of investigation and research related to disaster mitigation efforts.
Merapi Lava Dome
Until now, the observed rockfall descended down started from 100 meters to 1,4 kilometers from the crater area. Tour to Photograph this special volcanic phenomena is now open. Please visit my local web for the tour:
Glowing Rock Fall
Merapi Volcano is a stratovolcano which is building lava dome on the summit. It is located approximately 40 on the north side of Yogyakarta. Merapi has more possibility of producing Pyroclastic flow than any other volcano on Earth. The Pyroclastic flow is resulted from the collapse of the lava dome at the summit.


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